The summary graphic test will be conducted this Wednesday at 11am-12:30pm, dks 1.5

Presentation of Journal & Summary of Journal Submission is this Wednesday from 2pm-10pm, dks 1.5, or at my teacher’s room.

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Grammar & Reading Notes

Please photocopy grammar and reading (summary-graphic) notes from your class representative.  These materials will serve as REFERENCE material, please complete all the exercises for your self study.

Grammar Notes:  It is on common grammar errors

Reading Notes:  It is to expose students to language style in summary (graphic text)/report.  Please take note that the samples are in IELTS format, however the language style is applicable to MUET Writing Task 1.  Bear in mind, when writing a summary/report, DO NOT INCLUDE unmentioned information and perception or generalisation.

Class Representative:  Do not photocopy if the student have not paid earlier

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Please Take Note: Amendments

Please take note of the following amendment to this debate topic:

Old:  Government is responsible for motorcycle hooligans phenomenon

NEW:  Government is not responsible for motorcycle hooligans phenomenon



Please take note of the following amendment for presentation of journal:

The newsjournal must be related to any legal matters.

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Week 13-5th Announcement

Tamhidi Inter Class Musical Drama Competition

Date:  24th February 2010, Wednesday

Time:  4:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Classes that have tutorials/lectures, please consult me today/tomorrow to arrange your performance time

(it will be before/after your tutorials/lectures are finished)

Presentation of Journal & Summary of Journal

Mode:  Group Presentation in Power Point

Assessment:  Individual

Duration:  20 minutes per group (4-5 minutes per student)

Members: 4-5 students in a group

Presentation Material:  Any newsjournal (minimum 600 words) from newsmagazine that is approved by the class teacher

Presentation Guideline:

1.  All group members should have equal share in presentation to ensure fair marks.

2.  Please follow the speech notes in constructing the power point slides

3.  Present your understanding of the contents not read it out.  Use all the speech skills in presenting.

4.  Email the power point slides immediately after the presentation.

5.  Class rep, please make the necessary arrangement for the booking of venue/equipment.

Summary:  maximum 150 words, double spacing—-submit on presentation day

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Fourth Announcement-Week 8


Muet registration at One Stop Centre is now closed.  If there is problem, please go to the Academic division. 

If the registration is full, you may register directly at Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah of your choice.  Any further problem, please consult me personally.

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Third Announcement—Week 7

MUET—Registration is Compulsory

All China students must register by this week.

All students who did not get minimum Band 4 and wishes to do law.

All students who did not get minimum Band 3 and wishes to do other programme

Registration is at One Stop Centre, FKP.  Please register today and latest by this Friday morning.

Debate Topics for Debate Assessment

Please choose one of the following topics. Fill in your name on the debate form, which will be posted on my door. First come, first serve. Those who do not write their names, will automatically be assigned (to my choice of members grouping) by Wednesday morning.

Please bear in mind, the debate preparation is also a mini research paper. Ensure your sources are from reliable publishers (newsjournal, newspaper, textbook; not acceptable sources—tabloids, light magazines).

Ensure there are two teams for each topic.  You can’t have a debate if there is only one team—that will be public speaking or story telling or worse–delusional law students.  I will put lonely teams together into a new topic that both did not select.

1. Tort law offencers impact the society more than penal law offencers

2. Abusive child guardians should receive a whipping punishment

3. Government is NOT responsible for motorcycle hooligans phenomenon

4. Poor municipal governance is the main cause of high road accidents

5. Courts should award more punitive damages rather than compensatory damages for breach of contract in high risk construction project

6. Residential community activities should be enforced on all Malaysians

7. Neighbourhood busy bodies reduce vices and crimes

Mini Research Paper Guideline

The mini research paper is also the preparation for the debate, all teams must prepare their own mini research paper

Example:  Topic 1-Government (1 mini research paper), Topic 1-Opposition (1 mini research paper)

  • prepare a mind map showing deep intellectual thinking, in other words, THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, consult your teacher about the mind map
    • do this a few times until your teacher is satisfied
    • don’t share your mind map with the opposing team
  • search for the supporting materials based from your mind map
    • 2-3 international news journal
    • 2-3 in depth news paper article
    • 2-3 malaysian law journal professional journal
    • consult your reading teacher for the quality of your supporting material
  • 4-5 pages, the format is available in the handout (please get it from your class rep, class rep please consult other class rep)

Newspaper/Newsjournal—Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

Always have today’s English newspaper for your newspaper/newsjournal class

  • choose an interesting article, either by you or your teacher
  • always have an interesting discussion, it is compulsary to give opinion when asked
    • you will be assessed for not participating, saying “I’ve got no idea or I don’t know” without even trying is not acceptable
  • write a simple point summary/a full summary of maximum 100 words, follow your teacher’s instruction
  • create 5 very difficult questions with the answers
    • Do not:  What is the name of the surgeon?
    • Should:  Why didn’t the operation took place in the small hospital?
      • the answer should not be too obvious in the article
      • use your common sense if the reason is not stated, the operation took place in a bigger hospital but not at the small hospital;
        • probably because lack of high-tech equipment or there is no specialist at the small hospital
          • hospital does not have the fund to buy
          • specialist prefer joining the private sector
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Second Announcement-Week 3

1.  The writing course outline, please request from your teacher.

2.  The reading course outline is still in progress of refinement; however, currently, one chapter for every week.

3.  Competition guideline would be out next week.

      Reading:  Musical Drama—genre—history/legend (absolutely no fairy tale)

     Writing:  Debate—topics would assigned

4.  All classes, please email me your class picture with all of your names on each person in the picture, I will upload in this blogsite.

5.  Read in English.  Talk in English.  Stop talking in your mother tongue at least during the day, you’re already a super duper expert in it.

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First Announcement


1.  Course outline will be ready by the end of next week.

2.  If you have premonition that you will not get Band 4, please study hard from now on for the next exam in April.

3.  Remind your teacher to let you go off at 5:40 p.m. to catch the bus.  According to experience, the bus will some time leave earlier than 6:00 p.m.  Because the faculty students are on break, normally there will be no buses after the last class.

     In the event of replacing classes after 6p.m., remind your teacher to book the bus early from the office.

4.  Read in English.  Talk in English.